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Debut Album Launch - Red in Tooth and Claw

We have launched our debut Album Red in Tooth and Claw. This album is a collaboration between Andrew James (guitar, vocals & songwriting) and James Van Minnen ”The Steady Tiger” (drums & percussion). It was recorded during 2011 at Peace of Eden Studio's in the Knysna forest and was mixed back in Cape Town by Matt James at Sound and Motion studio's.

We funded the album by successfully running a campaign on (A Crowd Funding platform). This enabled us to hire a producer, Aron Turest-Swartz, as well as book plenty of time to mix the album with amazing engineers.

Aron Turest-Swartz founded the well known South African band, FreshlyGround, and has since gone on to become a producer. Throughout the process, as far as possible, we set out to capture the integrity of our live sound; the illusive dialogue that happens between two musicians in a live context. This was the brief that we approached Aron with and It's difficult to see how, without his guidance, we could have achieved it otherwise. The result is an collection of songs and stories that are carefully crafted and distilled whilst remaining stark & spontaneous in their delivery.

The album would probably fall into the category of roots/folk/rock but is diverse in style with songs ranging from delicately crafted ballads through to dark swamp rock, layered with looped guitar textures and effects.

The album can be bought at