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I recorded this improvised track last night on my iPhone

This is a sketch. It is am improvised song. In fact it is complete stream of consciousness. I sat down started fiddling with the guitar which was tuned to DADDAD and then I started hearing the vocal melody so I whipped out my iPhone and started recording. This entire performance just came out in one shot, the lyrics everything. What amazes me about this process is what comes out lyrically. It is stuff I could never write If I sat down with a pen and paper. It comes from the realm of 'no mind'.

Usually I am terrified to share this kind of thing. I would want to polish some of the mumbled lines and refine it into a crafted song (which I will still do) before sharing it publicly. However, there is something so fascinating about the unpolished diamond, I thought it worth sharing. There is a nuance in that first recording that can never really be recaptured an it's something so hard to do live. So here it is. Go easy on me, remember it's a sketch on an iPhone.